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Similar nicknames are given to very low-scoring cards. For example, in [[Tarock]] games, tarocks and pip cards score 1/3 of a point and are called ''Glatzen''<ref name=K&F>Kastner and Folkvord (2005), p. 223/224</ref> or ''Glatz'n'',<ref name=M&S>Mayr and Sedlaczek (2015), p. 405</ref> ''Skartindeln'',<ref name=M&S/> ''Skatindeln''<ref name=M&S/> or ''Skartins'';<ref name=M&S/><ref name=K&F/><ref name=Bamberger>Bamberger (2011), p. 95</ref> and suit cards other than [[court card]]s are also called ''Ladons'', ''Latons'' or ''Ladonis''. Dummett calls them collectively [[low card]]s.<ref>Dummett (1980), p. 245</ref> In [[French Tarot]] they are the ''cartes basses''. Low-value poker cards may be called ''rags''.
In the [[Brusbart]] family of games, although cards do not have point values, certain cards are worthless in the sense that they cannot beat anything, even lower cards of the same suit. In [[Bruus]] and other members of the family they are 'duds' (''Luschen'' or ''Fosen'') or 'worthless cards' (''wertlose Karten''), but in [[Brus (card game)|Brus]] they are called 'windmills'. In [[Bräus]], they are literally unplayable and only serve to pad out the hand.
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