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(→‎Manual reverting: this is horrible advice and it conflicts with the proper advice lower on the page to take care to not undo constructive edits when reverting vandalism; "the vandalism may be interspersed between constructive edits; be sure to revert to the last version without vandalism"? No no no!!)
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On Wikipedia, '''revertingrivering''' means [[#Undo|undo]]ing or otherwise negating the effects of one or more edits, which results in the page (or a part of it) being restored to a previous version. ''Partial reversion'' involves restoring one part of the page to a previous version, but leaving other contributions intact. ''Self-reversion'' is the act of reverting your own edits. Reverting does not always involve the use of the [[Help:Undo|undo]] tool. Any method of editing that has the practical effect of returning some or all of the page to a previous version counts as a reversion.
Reverting a contribution is sometimes appropriate. However, reverting good-faith actions of other editors can also be disruptive and may lead to the reverter being temporarily [[WP:BLOCK|blocked]] from editing. The [[WP:3RR|three-revert rule]] (part of the [[WP:Edit warring|Edit warring]] policy) limits the number of times an editor can revert edits (including partial reversions) on a page.
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