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{{Short description|House in Utrecht, overlooking parkland, with separate dwelling units for two families separated vertically by party walls}}
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[[File:Dubbele_Huis_-_Utrecht_-_2020(1).jpg|thumb|right|The building in the Koningslaan 124/B]]
The '''Double House''' is a house located in [[Utrecht]], [[Netherlands]]. It was designed by Bjarne Mastenbroek and [[Winy Maas]] of [[MVRDV]] in 1997.<ref>Carles Broto, New Housing Concepts,Leading International Publishing Group, 2002</ref> The Koek Family bought a large piece of land that overlooked a beautiful park, but soon found out that they could not afford to build a house to satisfy such a great piece of land.<ref>Colin Davies, Key Houses of the Twentieth Century: Plans, Sections, and Elevations [17 October 2006]</ref> They realized that with the joint income of two families, the house could reach its true potential, so the Koek family joined with the Wesseling family. Bjarne Mastenbroek was given the task of fitting the two families into one structure, and divide views close to equally, while the original buyers would get two thirds of the space and the new buyers would get one third of the space.<ref>Sishe Chin, Utrecht Double House ARCH 200 Assignment, Spring 2006</ref> The project size ended up being {{Convert|300|sqm|sqft}}.