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In 1993, together with [[Jacob van Rijs]] and [[Nathalie de Vries]], he founded the [[MVRDV]] studio (an acronym of the initials of the names of the three founders), which produces designs and studies in the fields of architecture, urban studies and landscape design. The studies on light urbanism for the City of [[Rotterdam]], the headquarters of the Dutch Public Broadcasting Company VPRO and the Wozoco's senior citizens' residences in [[Amsterdam]], which won the J.A. van Eck Prize of the Dutch Architects' Association, have brought MVRDV to the attention of a vast collection of clients, giving the studio international renown. Today, the studio is actively involved in numerous projects in various parts of the world. MVRDV designed the Dutch pavilion for [[Expo 2000]] in [[Hanover]], the Logrono Eco-City in [[Spain]], the Gyre building in [[Tokyo]] and many others.
[[File:Dubbele Huis - Utrecht - 2020(1).jpg|thumb|right|The ''Dubbele Huis'' ([[Double House, Utrecht|Double House]]) in [[Utrecht]]]]
==Other positions==