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[[File:LR Departements.png|thumb|220px|The left Rhine departements in 1812]]
[[File:Map administrative divisions of the First French Empire 1812-en.svg|thumb|300px|Boundaries of France in 1812]]
The '''Left Bank of the Rhine''' ({{lang-de|Linkes Rheinufer}}, {{lang-fr|Rive gauche du Rhin}})<ref>''Recueil des réglemens et arrêtés émanés du Commissaire du Gouvernement dans les Quatre Nouveaux Départemens de la Rive Gauche du Rhin'' ([https://books.google.com/books?id=EUJHAAAAcAAJ&dq=%22Rive%20gauche%20du%20Rhin%22&hl=de&pg=PP6 Google Books])</ref> was the region north of [[Lauterbourg]], in present-day western Germany, that was conquered during the [[War of the First Coalition]] and annexed by [[First French Republic|France]]. Because the attempt to create a [[Cisrhenian Republic]] foundered, the territories west of the [[Rhine]] were reorganized into several [[département]]s among the French first republic. After the allied victory over [[Napoleon]] in 1814 these territories were provisionally administered by the Central Administrative Departement (''Zentralverwaltungsdepartement''). The Sarre province and the district of [[Landau in der Pfalz]] previously French before the [[Napoleonic Wars]] were under the definitive act of the congress of Vienna ceded to the members of the coalition. The recent annexations done under the first republic were restituted. From these territories the Bavarian [[Circle of the Rhine]] (''Rheinkreis'') and the Hessian province of [[Rheinhessen (province)|Rhenish Hesse]] (''Rheinhessen'') were formed in 1816. The regions to the north went to [[Prussia]] and were initially part of the two provinces of [[Province of Jülich-Cleves-Berg|Jülich-Cleves-Berg]] and the [[Grand Duchy of the Lower Rhine]], from which the [[Rhine Province]] emerged in 1822. The southern left Rhine territories, which had for centuries been under imperial rule in the [[Holy Roman Empire]] had been annexedseized by France, mostly in the 17th century, were re-annexed to the new German empire in 1871, following France's defeat in the [[Franco-Prussian War]]. The region was consolidated as the [[Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine]] for a period of 48 years (1871-1919), before being restituted to [[France]] in the wake of the [[First World War]].
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