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===The Gandhakuti: Buddha's dwelling in Jetavana===
The space covered by the four bedposts of the Buddha's Gandhakuti in Jetavana is one of the four avijahitatthānāni; all Buddhas possess the same, though the size of the actual vihāra differs in the case of the various Buddhas. For [[Vipassī Buddha]], the [[setthi]] Punabbasumitta built a monastery extending for a whole league, while for [[Sikhī Buddha]], the setthi Sirivaddha made one covering three gavutas. The Sanghārāma built by Sotthiya for [[Vessabhū Buddha]] was half a league in extent, while that erected by Accuta for [[Kakusandha Buddha]] covered only one gāvuta. The monastery of the [[Koṇāgamana Buddha]], built by the setthi Ugga, extended for half a gāvuta, while that of the [[Kassapa Buddha]] built by Sumangala covered sixteen karīsas. Anāthapindika's monastery covered a space of eighteen karīsas (BuA.2, 47; J.i.94; DA.ii.424).
According to a description given by [[Faxian]] (Giles, pp. 31, 33), the vihāra was originally in seven sections (storeys?) and was filled with all kinds of offerings, embroidered banners, canopies, etc., and the lamps burnt from dusk to dawn.