Illustrated Tarock: Difference between revisions

== Name ==
There is no consensus over the name of this game, which is variously called Illustrated Tarock (''Illustriertes Tarock''){{sfn|Beck|1972|pp=69–93}}{{sfn|Mayr|Sedlaczek|2016|pp=368–370}}{{sfn|Stöckl|2019|pp=}} or Point Tarock{{sfn|Bamberger|1983|pp=43–48}}{{sfn|Dummett|1980|pp=131–146}} or both.{{sfn|Kastner|Folkvord|2005|pp=234–237}} However, both these names are also used for another, simpler, form of game that involves point-bidding, some calling ''that'' game Point Tarock{{sfn|Beck|1972|p=135}} and others, Illustrated Tarock.{{sfn|Alscher|2003|p= 170}} Since ''illustriertes'' implies "embellished", there is a logic in using Point Tarock for the variant that involves point-bidding and Illustrated Tarock for the more complex variant here that is embellished (Dummett suggests "embroidered"){{sfn|Dummett|1980|p=479}} with additional announcements and bonuses making it "the queen of all Tarock games played with the 54-card pack, at least of three-handed ones."{{sfn|Dummett|1980|p=480}} As Mayr and Sedlaczek explain, "the term 'illustrated' describes those card games that offer additional options of play."{{sfn|Mayr|Sedlaczek|2016|p=368}}
=== Cards ===