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Herzmanovsky-Orlando was born on 30 April 1877 as ''Friedrich Josef Franz Ritter von Herzmanowsky'' (Baron Herzmanowsky) <!-- (sic!) spelt with a W on his birth certificate, later always spelt with V --> in [[Vienna]], [[Austria-Hungary]]. he as the son of Emil Josef Ritter von Herzmanowsky, an [[Imperial and Royal]] official in the Ministry of Agriculture who came from [[Tarnów]], and his wife, Aloisia von Orlando who had been born in [[Kosmonosy]]. He attended the private [[Theresianum]] school in Vienna before completing, in 1896–1903, a construction engineering degree at the [[Vienna University of Technology]]. Within the next year and a half he got to know his subsequent lifelong friend, [[Alfred Kubin]], and in Munich associated with [[Munich Cosmic Circle|Cosmic Circle]], a group of writers and intellectuals that included [[Karl Wolfskehl]], [[Ludwig Klages]] and [[Alfred Schuler]]. In 1904/05, Herzmanovsky-Orlando worked as an employee and later as an independent [[architect]]. In 1911/12, he gave his career up due to chronically painful [[Urogenital tuberculosis|kidney tuberculosis]]. On 25 February 1911, he married Carmen Maria Schulista in Vienna. Because he was financially independent, he lived from then on as a [[privatier]] in art, drawing, collecting, restoring and writing. His disease led to several spa breaks and trips to the south. Among other things, he went with his wife in 1913 to the northeastern [[Adriatic Sea|Adriatic]], in 1914 to Egypt, Sicily and southern Italy for over four months. In 1916, due to illness, he moved to [[Meran]] which was [[History of South Tyrol|Austrian until 1918]], now [[Merano]] in Italy.
From the beginning of 1918, with official permission, he also bore his maternal surname. His mother's family came from the Swiss ''[[uradel]]'', his grandfather Friedrich von Orlando was the [[lord of the manor]] (''Rittergutsbesitzer'') in [[Kleindehsa]] in the [[German Reich|German Empire]] ]. Herzmanovsky-Orlando falsified his [[family tree]] to claim ancestry even before [[the Crusades]]. In 1932, he became a member of the [[NSDAP/AO]], foreign branch of the Nazi party.<ref>''Sinfonietta'', 2001 issue, p. 336</ref>
Having become a German citizen as a result of the [[Anschluss]] of Austria to the [[German Reich]] in 1938, Herzmanovsky-Orlando was forced to leave [[South Tyrol]] in 1940 under the [[South Tyrol Option Agreement]]. Since he could not live north of the Alps due to illness, he moved to [[Malcesine]] on [[Lake Garda]]. He did not return to Merano until 1949. He spent the last years of his life in the nearby Schloss Rametz, where he died of [[uremia]] on 17 May 1954.<ref>Monika von Gagern, p. 37, {{Google Books| BookID = dtYSAQAAIAAJ | Page = 37 | Link text = preview | Emphasis = uremia}}</ref>