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'''Illustrated Tarock''' ({{lang-de|Illustriertes Tarock}}) or '''Illustrated Dreiertarock'''{{sfn|Mayr and Sedlaczek|2016|pp=368–370}} is an Austrian [[card game]] that has been described as the "queen" of all three-handed [[Tarock]] games played with the 54-card pack.{{sfn|Dummett|1980|p=480}} It was thought by [[Wolfgang Mayr|Mayr]] and [[Robert Sedlaczek|Sedlaczek]] to be extinct but, in 2009 when the two Tarock authors were guests on an [[ORF (broadcaster)|ORF]] radio programme, players from Vienna called in who confirmed they still played the game.<ref>[ ''Illustriertes Tarock 1: Ein interessantes und herausforderndes Spiel zu Dritt''] by Wolfgang Mayr & [[Robert Sedlaczek]] in ''[[Wiener Zeitung]]'', 7 February 2009.</ref> It is sometimes called [[Point Tarock]]{{sfn|Dummett|1980|pp=131–146}}{{sfn|Bamberger|1983|pp=43–48}} which, however, is a different, probably extinct, game, albeit a close cousin. Although it has "a reputation for being a little more convoluted than the others", Furr maintains that this is not so, but recommends that players become familiar with [[Tapp Tarock]] before attempting this game.{{sfn|Furr|2009|p=133-138}}
== History and etymology ==