Wolfgang Paalen: Difference between revisions

[[File:Sankt Rochusburg, Sagan.jpg|thumb|360px|Castle of the Paalen-family in [[Żagań|Sagan]] from 1913 to 1934]]
The first years of his life Wolfgang Paalen spent between Vienna and [[Styria]] where his father had opened the fashionable [[Spa|health resort]] [[Haselsdorf-Tobelbad|Tobelbad]], in the presence of [[Franz Joseph I of Austria]], to whom he dedicated a memorial still visible today. In Tobelbad Paalen senior received such prominent guests as [[Gustav Mahler]], poet and artist [[Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando]], [[Julius Meier-Graefe]], Ida Zweig (the mother of [[Stefan Zweig]]), among others. Some sources claim that it was Paalen who introduced [[Alma Mahler]], during her visit in Tobelbad in 1910, to the German architect [[Walter Gropius]], whom she married later. 1912 the Paalen family moved to Berlin and to the [[Silesia]]n city of Sagan (today [[Żagań]]), where his father had bought and rebuilt the castle of ''St. Rochusburg''. During [[World War I]] Gustav Robert served both empires, the Austrian and the German, with the organization of food supply and worked closely together with [[Walther Rathenau]] and [[Albert Ballin]]´s Zentral-Einkaufsgesellschaft. Wolfgang attended different schools in Sagan, and during the war his parents also engaged a private tutor. The teacher was also an organist who specialized in [[Johann Sebastian Bach]], who thus became Wolfgang's favourite composer.<ref>Neufert, p. 86f.</ref>
== Early teachers and decline of the family ==