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In 1970, Herzmanovsky-Orlando-Gasse in Vienna - [[Floridsdorf]] (21st District) was named after him.
== Work ==
Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando was able to publish very little during his lifetime. Many of his works are only available in [[sketch]] form. His extensive literary work, which consists mainly of [[prose]] and plays, only became known posthumously through the collected works published by [[Friedrich Torberg]].
As an editor, however, Torberg made significant changes to Herzmanovsky-Orlando's texts, which led to severe criticism from literary studies. For example, in ''Masquerade of Geniuses'' (''Maskenspiel der Genien''), Torberg changed the name of the "Empire of [[Tarock]]" completely arbitrarily from Tarockia (''Tarockei'') to Tarockania (''Tarockanien''), obviously based on the term Kakania (''Kakanien'') in [[Robert Musil]]'s ''[[The Man Without Qualities|Man Without Qualities]]''. Herzmanovsky-Orlando envisaged a certain harmony with [[Turkey]] or the earlier [[Byzantine Empire|Byzantium]]. Only the second collected works, published by Germanists two decades later, gave a faithful rendering of the original text.
In his works, Herzmanovsky-Orlando fantasized about a mystical dreamland called "Tarockia" (''Tarockei''), which he portrayed in an extravagant, [[baroque]] style that bordered on the [[parody|parodistic]]. He had Italian humanist, [[Cyriacus of Ancona|Cyriaco de' Pizzicolli]], appear as the main character of his grotesquely fantastic novel, ''Masquerade of Geniuses''.
In addition to contacts with the [[Munich Cosmic Circle]] and other, equally irrational-esoteric groups, he became involved in the [[esoteric]] and [[mystic]], including the right-wing esoteric ideas of [[Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels]] and [[pseudoscience]]. Fritz von Herzmanovsky-Orlando was a member of the New Temple Order founded by [[Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels]]. An example of his esoteric orientation is his "discovery" that the legendary "saline women" in Tyrol, who also appear in his ''Tyrolean Dragon Play'' (''Tiroler Drachenspiel''), were actually [[yoga]] girls who at certain points, the so-called "earth navels" (''Erdnabel''), could cause gene mutations by dancing.
His only known work as an architect is the house at Wehrgasse 22 in [[Vienna]] - [[Margareten]], which he built in 1910 together with [[Fritz Keller (architect)|Fritz Keller]].
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