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'''Point Tarock''', also known as '''Illustrated Tapp''',<ref name=Tarocchi/> was a three-player [[tarot card game]], played mainly in [[Austria]], which usesused the 54-card ''[[Industrie und Glück]]'' deck. Furr describes it as being "identical to [[Tapp Tarock|Tapp]] but for the addition of a special announcement, allowing a Declarer to capitalize on a very good hand... spicing up the game considerably."<ref name=Tarocchi>Furr (2009), p. 90.</ref> Point Tarock is sometimes confused with its close cousin, [[Illustrated Tarock]].
== Name ==
There is no consensus over the name of this game, which iswas variously called Point Tarock{{sfn|Beck|1972|p=135}} or Illustrated Tarock (''Illustriertes Tarock'').{{sfn|Alscher|2003|p= 170}} Confusingly there is a closely related, but more complex variant which is also called Illustrated Tarock{{sfn|Beck|1972|pp=69–93}} or Point Tarock{{sfn|Bamberger|1983|pp=43-48}} or both.{{sfn|Mayr|Sedlaczek|2001|pp=111–114}} Since ''illustriertes'' implies "embellished", there is a logic in using Point Tarock for this variant which involves point-bidding and Illustrated Tarock for the more complex variant that is embellished (Dummett suggests "embroidered"){{sfn|Dummett|1980|p=479}} with additional announcements and bonuses. The game may now be obsolete.