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== Copy edit notes ==
Some thoughts on improving this article:
* Obviously, reference improvement. Material which is unsourced and has been unsourced for a while can probably be removed.
* The article is repetitive in several places and could use some layout work. Stating the same thing in several places wastes the reader's time and makes for a boring, bloated article.
**The section "Modern use and definition" does not logically belong inside History. It should probably have it's own L2 section and its scope restricted to avoid overlap with History.
**There are many lists of bands and festivals throughout, which are repetitive and redundant with [[List of jam bands]] and [[List of jam band music festivals]]. These should be removed except where their mention is especially illustrative to the topic of that section. For example, in the History sections, there's no need to mention a band that wasn't notably influential on that period of jam band history.
**There is some redundancy between the sections Taping and Business model and copyright law. The scope of these should be made more restrictive, or they could possibly be integrated together if it's felt that the subjects overlap.
*When the article layout and content is stable, the lead needs to be rewritten, with no more than four paragraphs and no lists.
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