The Tech Report: Difference between revisions

rephrasing it to make it better
(changing information to reflect the site changes, also I do not believe that former participation in Folding project is worth mentioning, especially since this information is not being mentioned on the site itself)
(rephrasing it to make it better)
'''The Tech Report''' is a web site which used to be dedicated to covering personal computing technology and culture.<ref name="about">[] TechReport's "About Us" page. August 8, 2009.</ref> The Tech Report used to specialize in hardware as well as producing quarterly system build guides<ref name="systembuild">[] TechReport's Summer 2009 System Guide. June 25, 2009.</ref> at various price points, and occasional price vs. performance scatter plots.<ref name="scatterplots">[] The value proposition June 9, 2009</ref> Tech Report also has an online community and used to have an active podcast. Some of the site's investigative articles regarding hardware benchmarking have been cited by other technology news sites like Anandtech<ref name="anandtech" /> and PC World.<ref name="PCWorld" />
The site went through ownership change and major changesredesign in latemiddle of 2019 after which the site's focus and content went through significant changes, no longer specializing in hardware or producing any system guides, podcasts and no longer being focused on computer technology.
== History ==
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