Resonating valence bond theory: Difference between revisions

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Wherewhere <math>C</math> represented a covering of a lattice by nearest neighbor dimers. Each such covering is weighted equally. In a [[mean field approximation]], the RVB state can be written in terms of a [[Gutzwiller projection]], and displays a superconducting phase transition per the [[Kosterlitz-Thouless]] mechanism.<ref name=baskaran2009>{{cite journal|last=Baskaran|first=Ganapathy|title=Five-fold way to new high Tc superconductors|journal=Pramana|year=2009|volume=73|issue=1|pages=61–112|doi=10.1007/s12043-009-0094-8|url=|accessdate=8 April 2012|bibcode = 2009Prama..73...61B }}</ref> However, a rigorous proof for the existence of a superconducting ground state in either the Hubbard or the t-J Hamiltonian is not yet known.<ref name=baskaran2009 /> Further the stability of the RVB ground state has not yet been confirmed.<ref name=kotliar1989>{{cite journal|last=Dombre|first=Thierry|author2=Gabriel Kotliar |title=Instability of the long-range resonating valence bond state in the mean-field approach|journal=Physical Review B|year=1989|volume=39|issue=1|pages=855–857|url=|accessdate=8 April 2012|bibcode = 1989PhRvB..39..855D |doi = 10.1103/PhysRevB.39.855 |pmid=9947250}}</ref>