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===Second World War===
DuringHaving theattended [[Secondan WorldOfficer War]]Cadet HawkinsTraining servedUnit, ashis anwas officercommissioned withinto the [[Royal Welch Fusiliers]], [[British Army]], as a [[second lieutenant]] on 8 March 1941.<ref name=ww2"LG 35118">{{London Gazette |issue= 35118 |date= 25 March 1941 |pages= 1794-1795 |supp= y }}</ref> He became a [[colonel]] in [[ENSA]] for India and Southeast Asia.<ref name=ww2>{{cite web|url=http://ww2gravestone.com/general/hawkins-john-edward-jack|title=Hawkins, John Edward "Jack"|work=ww2gravestone.com}}</ref> During his military service he made ''[[The Next of Kin]]'' (1942) for [[Ealing Studios]].
===Post-war career===