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*''[[List of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir episodes#Miraculous Zag Chibi|Miraculous Zag Chibi]]'' (2018–present) <ref>{{cite web|url=|title=YouTube|author=Zagtoon}}</ref>
*''[[Power Players]]'' (2019–present) <ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Power Players|author=Zagtoon}}</ref><ref name="release date">{{cite web|title=Release Dates|url=|website=The World of Zag|accessdate=1 October 2017|language=en}}</ref> (co-produced with Man of Action, [[France Télévisions]], [[Playmates Toys]], Method Animation and [[Globosat]]; broadcast by [[Cartoon Network]])
*''[[Gummibär and Friends]]'' (2016-present) (co-produced with Gummybear international Inc., Les Productions Gummybear Canada Inc., [[Collingwood & Co]], [[Portfolio Entertainment, Inc]], [[A Very Good Production]], Gulfstream Pictures, A Stern Talking To, and [[Warner Bros. Animation]]); broadcast by [[YouTube]]/[[PBS Kids]]/[[Treehouse TV]]/[[Tiny Pop]]/[[Milkshake!]]/[[Channel 5 Broadcasting]]/[[CITV]]/[[Family Jr.]]/[[Smile of a Child]]/[[NBC]]/[[Knowledge Kids]]/[[Discovery Kids]]/[[Universal Kids]]/[[Family Channel]]{{dn|date=July 2020}}/[[Univision]]/[[Nick Jr.]]/[[PBS]]/[[CBC Television]]/[[YTV]]/[[Teletoon]]/[[Qubo]]/[[TVOKids]]/[[TVOntario]]/[[CBC Kids]]/[[France 5]]/[[Twin Cities PBS]]/[[Cartoon Network]]/[[HBO Kids]].
===Upcoming productions===