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In order to be eligible for the Higher Education Opportunity Program, a student must have been a New York State resident for 1 year, have a high school or equivalent state-approved diploma (such as the Armed Forces), be academically disadvantaged (meaning he/she would not be admitted according to regular admission standards), be financially disadvantaged (based on income cutoffs, varying by college) and demonstrate ambition to succeed.<ref name="HEOP Work" />
== Organized Institutions By Academic Majors ==
HEOP Professional Organization Website - [http://www.HEOPWorks.com HEOPWorks.com]
== Participating Institutions ==
* [[Alfred University]],
* [[Bard College]],
* [[Barnard College]],
* [[Boricua College]],
* [[Canisius College of Buffalo,]]
* [[Cazenovia College]],
* [[Clarkson University]],
* [[College of Mount Saint Vincent]],
* [[College of Saint Rose]],
* [[Columbia University:]] ([[Columbia College]] & [[Fu Foundation School of Engineering &and Applied Science|School of Engineering and Applied Science,]])
* [[Cornell University]],
* [[Daemen College]],
* [[Dowling College]],
* [[D'Youville College,]]
* [[Five Towns College]],
* [[Fordham University]],
* [[Hamilton College (New York)|Hamilton College]],
* [[Hilbert College]],
* [[Hobart and William Smith Colleges]],
* [[Ithaca College]],
* [[Keuka College]],
* [[LeMoyne College]],
* [[Long Island University]] (Brooklyn Campus,and C.W. Post campuses)
* [[SienaManhattan College]],
* Long Island University C.W. Post Campus,
* [[ManhattanMarist College]],
* [[MaristMarymount Manhattan College]],
* [[Marymount ManhattanMedaille College]],
* [[MedailleMercy College (New York)|Mercy College]],
* [[MercyMount College (NewSaint York)|MercyMary College]],
* [[MountNazareth SaintCollege (New MaryYork)|Nazareth College]],
* [[NazarethThe College (New York)|Nazareth CollegeSchool]],
* [[New York Institute of Technology:-]] (Manhattan Center, and Old Westbury campuses)
* New School (The),
* [[New York University]]
* New York Institute of Technology:-Manhattan Center,
* [[Niagara University of Rochester]],
* New York Institute of Technology:-Old Westbury Campus,
* [[NewNyack York UniversityCollege]],
* [[NiagaraPaul UniversitySmith's College]],
* [[NyackPratt CollegeInstitute]],
* New York[[Rochester Institute of Technology:-Old Westbury Campus,]]
* [[Paul Smith's College]],
* [[PrattRussell InstituteSage College]],
* [[RochesterSage InstituteCollege of TechnologyAlbany]],
* [[RussellSt. SageBonaventure CollegeUniversity]],
* [[SageSt. CollegeJohn ofFisher AlbanyCollege]],
* [[St. BonaventureLawrence University]],
* [[St. JohnThomas FisherAquinas College]],
* [[St.Siena Lawrence UniversityCollege]],
* [[St. Thomas AquinasSkidmore College]],
* [[Syracuse University]] (including continuing education)
* [[Siena College]],
* [[SkidmoreTrocaire College]],
* [[SyracuseUnion UniversityCollege]],
* Syracuse [[University Continuingof Education,Rochester]]
* [[TrocaireUtica College]],
* [[UnionVaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology]],
* [[University of Rochester]],
* [[Utica College]],
* [[Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology]],
== References ==