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::::For clarity, I was not intending to suggest the president would choose their preferred subordinate. The point is as with the Saturday Night Massacre. they may not have to if they just keep firing whoever comes next if this person doesn't do what they say. It is of course possible that Congress will eventually intervene by impeaching the president or at least stop them doing what they're trying to do. But this depends how quickly the president manages to cycle through the list which I guess depends how quickly said list is developed. I would assume, but don't know for sure, it could be developed ahead of time assuming you have a president who actually knows how to get advice and plan. So within a day a president could potentially cycle through 50-100 or maybe even more acting heads if necessary. If we put aside the unlikeliness of people accepting such a vaccine (which is secondary to the point of whether it could be done), the main question for such a plan is whether it's possible to run out of people eligible to serve as acting head and what happens when this is the case. Has this ever been tested in real life in some position? In any case, I assume at some stage even most experts will start scratching their heads at who should take over. Mind you, and this was one reason I raised the point, it also seems to me it would be unnecessary to go so far. I would expect within the first 10, probably within the first 5, you'd find someone who would do what the president says then turn around (resigning or not) and explain why they did what they did and how wrong it was for the president to give that order. I.E. somewhat similar to the Saturday night massacre, someone will feel it's better to give in and protect what they can rather than let the president cycle through 100 different heads reaching people less and less prepared for the role. [[User:Nil Einne|Nil Einne]] ([[User talk:Nil Einne|talk]]) 15:58, 18 August 2020 (UTC)
:::::On the other hand, there are virtually no specific procedures in the Constitution for impeaching a president. If the House was so inclined, they could pass articles of impeachment in 30 minutes. The Senate would have the obstacle of getting the chief justice to preside. I know they can arrest senators and force them to come to the Senate chamber to do their duties. I wonder if they could arrest the chief justice and force him to preside. If so, it could all be over in a few hours. [[User:Jc3s5h|Jc3s5h]] ([[User talk:Jc3s5h|talk]]) 16:06, 18 August 2020 (UTC)
*As a general matter -- and I can't give legal advice in any PARTICULAR situation -- if a goverment agency approves something with no good reason, that decision will be overturned in court under the [[Administrative Procedure Act (United States)]]. --[[User:Mareino|M]][[User_talk:Mareino|<font color="orange">@</font>]][[User:Mareino|r]][[Special:Contributions/Mareino|<font color="orange">ē</font>]][[User:Mareino|ino]] 16:19, 18 August 2020 (UTC)
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