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* In several [[Marvel Comics]] stories featuring [[Doctor Strange]], the magical entity Agamotto has appeared in a form resembling the Caterpillar.
* In popular music, the Caterpillar is mentioned in [[Jefferson Airplane]]'s "[[White Rabbit (song)|White Rabbit]]" (1967), a song containing many references to the book ''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland''.
* In the 2003 horror crossover film ''[[Freddy vs. Jason]]'', [[Freddy Kreuger]] takes the form of the Caterpillar and smokes a hookah in Freeburg's dream.
* In one episode of ''[[Ouran High School Host Club]]'' called "Haruhi in Wonderland", Kyoya Otori is dressed as the Caterpillar.
* The Caterpillar appears in the Mad T Party at Disney's California Adventure park, where he plays the keyboard.
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