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The village of Friolzheim gradually became a possession of the {{ill|House of Gemmingen|de|Gemmingen (Adelsgeschlecht)}} in the 15th century, but then sold the village to [[Hirsau Abbey]]. Friolzheim remained a possession of the monastery until it was dissolved in 1807 following [[German mediatization]]. Under the [[Kingdom of Württemberg]], Friolzheim was first assigned to {{ill|Oberamt Calw|de}} in 1807, then to {{ill|Oberamt Leonberg|de}} on 26 April 1808. Following the {{ill|1973 Baden-Württemberg district reform|de|Kreisreform Baden-Württemberg 1973|lt=1973 reorganization of Baden-Württemberg's districts}}, Friolzheim was assigned to the [[Enzkreis|Enz district]].<ref name=LEO-BW>{{cite web|title=Friolzheim|url=|website={{ill|[[LEO-BW|de}}]]|publisher=[[Baden-Württemberg]]|language=de|accessdate=23 June 2020}}</ref>