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[[File:Wittwien manor.jpg|thumb|left|Manor in Wittwien]]
'''Rheinsberg''' ({{IPA-de|ˈʁaɪ̯nsˌbɛʁk|lang|De-Rheinsberg.ogg}}) is a town and a municipality in the [[Ostprignitz-Ruppin]] district, in [[Brandenburg]], [[Germany]]. It is situated on the {{ill|Grienericksee|de|lt=''Grienericksee''}} and the river [[Rhin]], approx. 20 km north-east of [[Neuruppin]] and 75 km north-west of [[Berlin]].
[[File:Wittwien manor.jpg|thumb|left|Manor in Wittwien]]
[[Frederick the Great]], while still Crown Prince, designed and moved into a restored chateau in Rheinsberg shortly after his 1733 marriage to [[Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Bevern]]. Here he experienced his "Rheinsberg Period", an era marked by regular correspondence with Voltaire, boisterous celebration in the company of minor philosophers and musicians, and the writing of several works of political theory, including the ''[[Anti-Machiavel]].''<ref>{{cite book
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