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The fear of ghosts is widespread even in post-industrial societies. Philosopher [[Peter van Inwagen]] wrote:<ref name=morris>"God and the Philosophers", edited by [[Thomas V. Morris]] (1996) {{ISBN|0-19-510119-7}} [https://books.google.com/books?id=8KEKhOdzTtgC&pg=PA39&dq=%22fear+of+ghosts%22#PPA39,M1 p. 39]</ref>
"...I am perfectly aware that the fear of ghosts is contrary to science, reason and religion. If I were sentenced to spend a night alone in a [[graveyard]], <...> I should already know that twigs would snap and the wind moan and that there would be half-seen movements in the darkness. And yet, after I had been frog-marched into the [[graveyard]], I should feel a thrill of fear every time one of these things happened..."