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===Sánchez, ''Imagen de la Virgen María''===
The first written account to be published of the Guadalupe event was a theological exegesis hailing Mexico as the [[New Jerusalem]] and correlating Juan Diego with [[Moses]] at [[Mount Horeb]] and the Virgin with the mysterious Woman of the Apocalypse in chapter 12 of the [[Book of Revelation]]. Entitled ''Imagen de la Virgen Maria, Madre de Dios de Guadalupe, Milagrosamente aparecida en la Ciudad de México'' (Image of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God of Guadalupe, who miraculously appeared in the City of Mexico), it was published in Spanish in Mexico City in 1648 after a prolonged gestation.{{efn|Sánchez claimed in 1666 to have been researching the topic for "more than fifty years".<ref>{{harvp|Poole|1995|p=102}}</ref>}} The author was a Mexican-born Spanish priest, [[Miguel Sánchez]], who asserted in his introduction (''Fundamento de la historia'') that his account of the apparitions was based on documentary sources (few, and only vaguely alluded to) and on an oral tradition which he calls "''antigua, uniforme y general''" (ancient, consistent and widespread). The book is structured as a theological examination of the meaning of the apparitions to which is added a description of the [[Tilma|''tilma'']] and of the sanctuary, accompanied by a description of seven [[miracles]] associated with the cult, the last of which related to a devastating inundation of Mexico City in the years 1629–1634. Although the work inspired panegyrical sermons preached in honour of the Virgin of Guadalupe between 1661 and 1766, it was not popular and was rarely reprinted.<ref>{{harvp|Brading|2001|p=74}}</ref><ref>{{harvp|Poole|1995|p=109}}</ref> Shorn of its devotional and scriptural matter and with a few additions, Sánchez' account was republished in 1660 by a Jesuit priest from [[Puebla]] named Mateo de la Cruz, whose book, entitled ''Relación de la milagrosa aparición de la Santa Virgen de Guadalupe de México'' (''"Account of the miraculous apparition of the Holy Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe of Mexico''"), was soon reprinted in Spain (1662), and served greatly to spread knowledge of the cult.<ref>{{harvp|de Florencia|1688|loc=cap. XIV, n° 183, foll. 89v. & 90r.}}; ''cf''. {{harvp|Poole|1995|p=109}}, {{harvp|Brading|2001|p=76}}.</ref>
===''Nican Mopohua''===