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→‎Etymology of German Name: PIE root of 'Strel'.
(→‎Etymology of German Name: Added Wiktionary PIE root 'Strel'.)
(→‎Etymology of German Name: PIE root of 'Strel'.)
==Etymology of German Name==
The evocative original German names for these structures - ''Strahlenkalk'' (= "radiating-chalk") and ''Strahlenkegel'' (= "radiating cone") - incorporate the word ''strahl'', "ray" / "beam" of ancient Indo-European provenance, cognate with [[Old English]] ''stræl'', "arrow" and [[Russian language|Russian]] стрельцы (''streltsy''), "archers", the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European form being *strēl- ("arrow") itself from the root *ster-, *strē- ("strip, stripe, line, streak, stream, arrow"). <ref>Google translate: German to English, retrieved 10.30 on 22/7/20.</ref><ref>ēlō Retrieved at 11.17am on 22/7/20.</ref>
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