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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Caterpillar (''Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'')}}
{{Infobox character
| name = CaterpillarPillar Of Cat
| series = AliceElice An Wooonderlond
| image = Alice 05a-1116x1492.jpg
| caption = The Caterpillar using a [[hookah]]; an illustration by [[John Tenniel]]. The illustration is noted for its ambiguous central figure, whose head can be viewed as being a human male's face with a pointed nose and protruding chin or being the head end of an actual [[caterpillar]], with two "true" legs visible.<ref name=ambiguity>"And do you see its long nose and chin? At least, they ''look'' exactly like a nose and chin, don't they? But they really ''are'' two of its legs. You know a Caterpillar has got ''quantities'' of legs: you can see more of them, further down." Carroll, Lewis. ''The Nursery "Alice"''. Dover Publications (1966), p27.</ref>
| alias = Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, Absolem
| species = [[Caterpillar]]
| gender = Male and Female
| nationality = [[Wonderland (fictional country)|Wonderland]]