Alfred Ely Beach: Difference between revisions

* The 1973 novel ''[[The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (novel)|The Taking of Pelham One Two Three]]'' by [[Morton Freedgood]] (under the pen name John Godey) features a character speculating on Beach's tunnel as a possible escape route for four men who have hijacked a subway car and demanded ransom for its passengers. The history of Beach's project is briefly described, but is ultimately unrelated to the criminals' escape plan.
* The song "[[Sub-Rosa Subway]]", from the 1976 album ''[[3:47 EST]]'' by Canadian progressive rock band [[Klaatu (band)|Klaatu]], tells the story of Alfred Beach building his subway.
* The second notednotable appearance of the tunnel was in the 1989 comedy ''[[Ghostbusters II]]''.
*:The set featured artistic features (Specifically the vaulted arches and replica [[Guastavino tile]] featured on the set) which were inspired primarily by the 1904 [[City Hall (IRT Lexington Avenue Line)|City Hall]] station. The main inspiration from the real pneumatic railroad (excluding the history) was the tunnel entrance, featuring keystone dedication of "Pneumatic 1870 Transit".
*:The history of the station would have been included in a deleted scene of dialogue between Dr. [[Peter Venkman]] and Dr. [[Egon Spengler]] as Dr. [[Raymond Stantz|Ray Stantz]] began to descend into the tunnel.