Alfred Ely Beach: Difference between revisions

* See also: {{cite web | title=THE BROADWAY TUNNEL.; Opening the Bore to Public Inspection--Success of the Undertaking Great Crowd of Visitors. | website=The New York Times | date=February 27, 1870 | url= | access-date=January 2, 2019}}</ref>
Beach was also interested in [[pneumatic tube]]s for the transport of letters and packages, another idea recently put into use in [[London]].<ref name=beach_pneumatic>Alfred E Beach, "The Pneumatic Dispatch". New York: The American News Company, 1868.</ref> With a franchise from the state he began construction of a tunnel for small pneumatic tubes in 1869, but diverted it into a demonstration of a passenger railway that opened on February 26, 1870.<ref name=beach_opening>"Scientific American", Mar 5, 1870.</ref> To build a passenger railway he needed a different franchise, something he lobbied for over four legislative sessions, 1870 to 1873. Construction of the tunnel was obvious from materials being delivered to [[Warren StStreet]] near Broadway, and was documented in newspaper reports, but Beach kept all details secret until the [[New York Tribune]] published a possibly planted article a few weeks before opening.<ref name=tribune>"New York Tribune", Jan 11, 1870.</ref>
[[File:Beach Pneumatic plan.jpg|thumb|right|Plan of the Beach Pneumatic Transit station and tunnel]]