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*September 24–25, 2019 – Around {{convert|1|in|mm|abbr=on}} of rain falls in advance of [[2019 Atlantic hurricane season#Hurricane Jerry|Hurricane Jerry's]] dwindling remnant low, which ultimately passes directly over the islands.<ref name="2019wmo">{{cite web|author=James Dodgson|date=February 21, 2020|title=Country Report from Bermuda for the 42nd Session of the WMO Regional Association IV Hurricane Committee|publisher=Bermuda Weather Service|url=|accessdate=February 28, 2020}}</ref>
*September 29 – October 1, 2019 – Clouds and light rain associated with [[Tropical Storm Karen (2019)|Tropical Storm Karen]] linger for several days. Meanwhile, [[Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda|Horseshoe Bay]] is closed to swimmers because of dangerous swells from distant but powerful [[Hurricane Lorenzo (2019)|Hurricane Lorenzo]].<ref name="sep19">{{cite web|title=Weather Summary for September 2019|date=October 1, 2019|publisher=Bermuda Weather Service|accessdate=October 2, 2019|url=}}</ref><ref name="oct19">{{cite web|title=Weather Summary for October 2019|date=October 2, 2019|publisher=Bermuda Weather Service|accessdate=October 2, 2019|url=}}</ref>
*July 44–5, 2020 — Moderate rainfall and some thunderstorms with tropical-storm force wind gusts occur on the island as [[2020 Atlantic hurricane season#Tropical Depression Five|Tropical Depression Five]] passes 70 mi (110 km) away fromto the island chainnorth.<ref>{{Citecite web|last=|first=|dateauthor=Jack Beven|title=Tropical Depression FIVEFive Forecast Discussion Number 4|date=July 5, 2020|url=|url-statuspublisher=liveNational Hurricane Center|archive-url=|archive-date=|access-dateaccessdate=July 6, 2020-07-05|}}</ref><ref>{{Citecite webnews|lastauthor=Paola Pérez|first=Paola|title=Tropical Depression 5 accelerates away from Bermuda; hurricane center watches low pressure area along northern Gulf Coast|date=July 5, 2020|url=|access-dateaccessdate=July 6, 2020-07-05|websitenewspaper=orlandosentinel.comOrlando Sentinel}}</ref><ref>{{Citecite web|last=|first=|date=news|title=Tropical Depression 5 no longer a threat|date=July 5, 2020|newspaper=The Royal Gazette|accessdate=July 6, 2020|url=|url-status=live|archive-url=|archive-date=|access-date=2020-07-05||publisher=Royal Gazette}}</ref>
==Monthly statistics and landfalls==