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(update – no longer GOCE coordinator)
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Somewhere along the line, this editor became a "veteran" which means that ''this editor should know better''. If doing wrong, this editor may be (virtually) [[Wikipedia:Whacking with a wet trout|whacked with a trout]].
This editor believes that Wikipedia is a collegial anarchy in which no one holds any authority which is not also held by everyone else. This editor is an [[meta:Eventualism|eventualist]] and believes that there's no need to panic and that issues with articles can be resolved in due course. This editor believes that articles written over time in the main namespace will attract a broader variety of editors, helping to prevent group think and [[Wikipedia:Systemic bias|systemic bias]]. This editor endeavours to be kind and to appreciate kindness from others, and tries to follow [[meta:The wiki way|the wiki way]] and the precepts of [[WP:DGAF]]. While initially an [[meta:Exopedianism|exopedian]], this editor has gradually become more involved with WikiProjects as a [[meta:Mesopedianism|mesopedian]] (approx. 6055% of edits to mainspace and 1520% to projects). This editor generally contributes through cleanup tasks and assisting a small number of WikiProjects, while continuing to learn how The Project works.
Beginning in January 2018, this editor served as a [[WP:GOCE/COORD|project coordinator]] of the [[WP:Guild of Copy Editors]]. This is not a distinction of any competency or authority, but indicates a designated volunteer who will perform maintenance and housekeeping for the user group. -->This editor is also a member of the [[WP:Guild of Copy Editors]] (served as coordinator from Jan&nbsp;2018 to Jun&nbsp;2020), the [[WP:Typo Team]] (focusing on apostrophe-related typos) and [[WP:Canada]] (promoted its [[Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada/The 10,000 Challenge|10,000 Challenge]] and developed an award system for contributors).
This editor has received [[User:Reidgreg/Awards|6570 barnstars]] and 100115 other awards, and has given over 450600 barnstars to deserving editors. This editor has written 65 articles, [[Danzig Street shooting|one of which]] was [[WP:GA|good]]. This editor has two entries on the [[Wikipedia:Did_you_know/Statistics|DYK leaderboard]] and is hovering at the bottom ofamong the [[Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits/5001–10000|listtop of top-106,000 Wikipedians]] by edit count. This editor was named [[Wikipedia:Editor of the Week|Editor of the Week]] across consecutive years.
Reidgreg's personal high-points as a Wikipedian include: