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The municipality (''[[Municipalities of Germany|Gemeinde]]'') of Friolzheim covers {{convert|8.54|km2|mi2|sp=us}} of the [[Enzkreis|Enz district]] of [[Baden-Württemberg]], a [[States of Germany|state]] of the [[Federal Republic of Germany]]. Friolzheim is physically located at the edge of the [[Black Forest]] and the {{ill|Upper Gäu|de|Obere Gäue}}. Most of the municipal area lies in the [[Heckengäu]], a region characterized by [[karstified]] and forested [[muschelkalk]] hills covered with thin layers of soil.<ref name=LEO-BW/>
A portion of the [[Naturschutzgebiet|Federally-protected]] {{ill|Tiefenbronner Seewiesen|de}}]] natural reserve is located in the southeast of the municipality.<ref name=LEO-BW/>
==Coat of arms==