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'''Friolzheim''' is a townmunicipality inof the [[Enz (district)|Enz district]] district ofin [[Baden-Württemberg]], [[Germany]]. The [[Friolzheimer Riese]] telecommunications tower is located here.
The village of Friolzheim gradually became a possession of the {{ill|House of Gemmingen|de|Gemmingen (Adelsgeschlecht)}} in the 15th century, but then sold the village to [[Hirsau Abbey]]. Friolzheim remained a possession of the monastery until it was dissolved in 1807 following [[German mediatization]]. Under the [[Kingdom of Württemberg]], Friolzheim was first assigned to {{ill|Oberamt Calw|de}} in 1807, then to {{ill|Oberamt Leonberg|de}} on 26 April 1808. Following the {{ill|1973 Baden-Württemberg district reform|de|Kreisreform Baden-Württemberg 1973|lt=1973 reorganization of Baden-Württemberg's districts}}, Friolzheim was assigned to the [[Enzkreis|Enz district]].<ref name=LEO-BW>{{cite web|title=Friolzheim|url=|website={{ill|LEO-BW|de}}|publisher=[[Baden-Württemberg]]|language=de|accessdate=23 June 2020}}</ref>
The municipality (''[[Municipalities of Germany|Gemeinde]]'') of Friolzheim covers {{convert|8.54|km2|mi2|sp=us}} of the [[Enzkreis|Enz district]] of [[Baden-Württemberg]], a [[States of Germany|state]] of the [[Federal Republic of Germany]]. Friolzheim is physically located at the edge of the [[Black Forest]] and the {{ill|Upper Gäu|de|Obere Gäue}}. Most of the municipal area lies in the [[Heckengäu]], a region characterized by [[karstified]] and forested [[muschelkalk]] hills covered with thin layers of soil.<ref name=LEO-BW/>
Friolzheim covers a {{convert|8.54|km2|sp=us}} area of the [[Enzkreis]] district, itself in the [[Stuttgart Metropolitan Region]]. It is located on the edge of the [[Northern Black Forest Region|Northern Black Forest]] in the [[Heckengäu]]. Its elevation, in [[Normalnull]], ranges from {{convert|370.11|m|ft|sp=us}} to {{convert|495.88|m|ft|sp=us}} at the Geißberg.<ref name=LEOBW>{{cite web|title=Friolzheim|url=|publisher=Landeskunde Entdecken|language=de|accessdate=19 December 2018}}</ref> The township of Friolzheim is near the [[Bundesautobahn 8]], {{convert|1.5|km|mi|sp=us}} from the exit to [[Heimsheim]].
Within the municipality is the [[abandoned village]] of Siechenhaus.<ref name=LEOBW/>
A portion of the {{ill|Tiefenbronner Seewiesen|de}} natural reserve is located in the southeast of the municipality.<ref name=LEOBW/>
A portion of the [[Naturschutzgebiet|Federally-protected {{ill|Tiefenbronner Seewiesen|de}}]] natural reserve is located in the southeast of the municipality.<ref name=LEOBWLEO-BW/>
Until the end of the World War II, Friolzheim residents overwhelmingly belonged to [[Protestant Christian]] denominations. An influx of displaced persons from elsewhere in Europe brought a sizeable [[Roman Catholic]] minority to the municipality. There are also parish churches for the [[New Apostolic Church]] and {{ill|Württembergischer Christusbund|de}}.{{cn|date=December 2018}}
==Sons and daughtersCoat of the townarms==
Friolzheim's municipal [[coat of arms]] is [[Division of the field#Common divisions of the field|divided vertically]] between an image of a [[stag]] in [[Or (heraldry)|gold]] upon a [[Field (heraldry)|field]] of [[Azure (heraldry)|blue]] on the right, and five [[Bar (heraldry)|bars]] – three gold and two blue – on the left. The bars on the left are from the coat of arms of the {{ill|House of Gemmingen|de|Gemmingen (Adelsgeschlecht)}}, while the stag is a reference to Hirsau Abbey. This pattern was drafted and accepted on the suggestion of the {{ill|Central State Archive Stuttgart|de|Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart}} in 1937, as Friolzheim had had no coat of arms until then. It was officially approved by the [[Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community|Federal Ministry of the Interior]] on 11 December 1957.<ref name=LEO-BW/>
* Johann Heinrich Tafel (1673-1739), chancery consultant
* Christine Rapp, née Benzinger (born around 1760), wife of the pietist leader [[Johann Georg Rapp]]
* Johann Josua Stutzmann (1777-1816), philosopher (philosophy of the universe, letters to [[Goethe]]) and private lecturer in [[Heidelberg]] and [[Erlangen]]
* Karl Andrassy (1860-1949), physician, medical councilor, Chief Physician of the Kreiskrankenhaus [[Böblingen]] from 1897 to 1930
* [[Ulrike Frank]] (born 1969), an actress
* [[Tim Leibold]] (born 1993), professional footballer
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