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General note: Paid editing without disclosure under the Wikimedia Terms of Use. (TW)
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(General note: Paid editing without disclosure under the Wikimedia Terms of Use. (TW))
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== June 2020 ==
[[File:Information.svg|left|25px|alt=Information icon]] Hello BevErickson. The nature of your edits gives the impression you have an undisclosed financial stake in promoting a topic, but you have not complied with Wikipedia's [[Wikipedia:Paid-contribution disclosure|mandatory paid editing disclosure requirements]]. Paid advocacy is a category of [[Wikipedia:Conflict of interest|conflict of interest]] (COI) editing that involves being compensated by a person, group, company or organization to use Wikipedia to promote their interests. Undisclosed paid advocacy is prohibited by our policies on [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|neutral point of view]] and what [[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not|Wikipedia is not]], and is an especially egregious type of COI; the Wikimedia Foundation regards it as a "black hat" practice akin to [[Spamdexing|black-hat SEO]].
Paid advocates are very strongly discouraged from direct article editing, and should instead propose changes on the [[Help:Talk pages|talk page]] of the article in question if an article exists. If the article does not exist, paid advocates are extremely strongly discouraged from attempting to write an article at all. At best, any proposed article creation should be submitted through the [[Wikipedia:Articles for creation|articles for creation]] process, rather than directly.
Regardless, if you are receiving or expect to receive compensation for your edits, broadly construed, you are '''<u>required</u> by the [[wmf:TOU|Wikimedia Terms of Use]] to disclose your employer, client and affiliation.''' You can post such a mandatory disclosure to your user page at [[User:BevErickson]]. The template {{tl|Paid}} can be used for this purpose – e.g. in the form: {{tlc|paid|2=user=BevErickson|3=employer=<var>InsertName</var>|4=client=<var>InsertName</var>}}. If I am mistaken – you are not being directly or indirectly compensated for your edits – please state that in response to this message. Otherwise, please provide the required disclosure. In either case, '''do not edit further''' until you answer this message. {{Z159}}<!-- Template:Uw-paid1 --> [[User:Yunshui|Yunshui]]&nbsp;[[User talk:Yunshui|<sup style="font-size:90%">雲</sup>]][[Special:Contributions/Yunshui|<sub style="font-size:90%">水</sub>]] 22:51, 13 June 2020 (UTC)