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(Be more general - any reversion because you don't know yet whether you want to revert is bad)
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Sometimes, users may be limited to one revert by the [[Wikipedia:Arbitration Committee|Arbitration Committee]] or by the community per the [[Wikipedia:RESTRICT#Types_of_restrictions|editing restrictions]] guidance. In other cases, articles or entire topics may be placed under a standing 1RR restriction.
===Don't re-revert===
Editors with this pledge choose to voluntarily follow the rule that if someone reverts any change of theirs, they don't re-revert it, but discuss it with them. (See [[Wikipedia_talk:Three-revert_rule/Archive_8#3RR_rule_has_drifted_into_impracticability.3B_proposal_for_radical_simplification|Proposal]].)
In a situation where two editors disagree, if both follow this rule, the history will show one reversion before discussion starts.
===Zero-revert rule===
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