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==Manufacturing and Production==
Gary Malec used to [[carve]] bats by hand, which would take upwards of an hour. Malec bought a makeshift lathe off [[Craigslist]] in 2010.<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://whyy.org/articles/south-jersey-natives-swinging-for-the-fences-with-boutique-baseball-bat-company/|title=South Jersey natives swinging for the fences with boutique bat company}}</ref> He launched a [[Kickstarter]] campaign in 2010, and successfully [[funded]] it. In 2016, Birdman Bats became a registered [[limited liability company]] in order to get the kickstarter campaign up and running. The company's [[sawdust]] is donated to [[animal shelters]] for [[animal bedding]] and makes good [[soil]].<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://sjmagazine.net/sports/swinging-for-the-fences|title=SJ Magazine: Swinging For the Fences|date=September 22, 2016|website=SJ Magazine}}</ref>
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