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My name is Michael Grossman Jr. I was born in LA in 1988, a son of the Russian immigrants from Saint-Petersburg, Soviet Union. Since my parents and two sister spoke only Russian in the family circle until 9, my Russian is not as bad as it is expected to be. I'm not sure if I can call myself "bilingual" but I can read in Russian and understand my parents when they try to teach me how to live. I've been an extensive user of Wikipedia since its foundation and I think it is the greatest non-commercial project the people ever created for the benefit of the humankind. I have a lot of interests in my life but my main job is coding, so Wikipedia seems like a lot of fun managing.
Since I just started the page and can do mistakes, please let me know I'm doing something wrong before you expel/excommunicate me (aka delete my page) from the community and give me sometime to react as I can't edit every day (family duties).
You can write me on my talk page or email at:
'''My interests include:'''
*Software and technological innovations
*Languages, especially Spanish, Russian and French