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**However, a blurb update to mention that the protests have become a global event could very well be warranted...but mentioning a single statue in the UK is not appropriate here, regardless of article quality. ~ [[User:Cyclonebiskit|Cyclonebiskit]] ([[User talk:Cyclonebiskit|chat]]) 16:02, 8 June 2020 (UTC)
*'''Comment''' What about a blurb that such as "thousands of idiots break COVID-19 lockdown restrictions to commit vandalism?" Would that help get this posted? '''[[User:Lugnuts|<font color="002bb8">Lugnuts</font>]]''' <sup>[[User talk:Lugnuts|Fire Walk with Me]]</sup> 16:15, 8 June 2020 (UTC)
:*The only appropriate response to this insufferable drivel: [[ok boomer]]. – '''[[User:Juliancolton|<span style="font-family:Script MT Bold;color:#36648B">Juliancolton</span>]]'''&nbsp;&#124;&nbsp;[[User_talk:Juliancolton|<sup><span style="font-family:Verdana;color:gray;text-shadow:gray .2em .18em .12em">''Talk''</span></sup>]] 16:18, 8 June 2020 (UTC)
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