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[[Image:Chambers Cyclopaedia 1728.jpg|thumb|300px|[[Ephraim Chambers]] ''Cyclopædia'' (1728).]]
[[Image:Table of Trigonometry, Cyclopaedia, Volume 2.jpg|thumb|right|Table of [[Trigonometry]], 1728 ''Cyclopædia''.]]
'''''Cyclopædia: or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences''''' is an [[encyclopedia]] prepared by [[Ephraim Chambers]] and first published in 1728<ref>{{cite book |last1=Chambers |first1=Ephraim |title=Cyclopædia: or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences |date=1728 |publisher=James & John Knapton; John Darby; and others |location=London |edition=1}} Two volumes in [[Book size|folio]].</ref>; six more editions appeared between 1728 and 1751 with a ''Supplement'' in 1753.<ref>{{cite book |last1=Alston |first1=R. C. |title=A Bibliography of the English Language from the Invention of Printing to the Year 1800 |url= |url-access=registration |date=1974 |publisher=Janus Press |location=Ilkley}} See volume iii, items 535 through 544.</ref> The ''Cyclopædia'' was one of the first general encyclopedias to be produced in English.
The title page of the first edition summarizes the aims of the author: