Eudoxus of Cnidus: Difference between revisions

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The Eudoxian definition of proportionality uses the quantifier, "for every ..." to harness the infinite and the infinitesimal, just as do the modern [[epsilon-delta definition]]s of limit and continuity.
Additionally, the [[Archimedean property]] stated as definition 4 of Euclid's book V is originally due not to Archimedes but to Eudoxus.<ref name="Knopp1951">{{Cite book |last=Knopp |first=Konrad |authorlink=Konrad Knopp |title=Theory and Application of Infinite Series |url= |url-access=limited |edition=English 2nd |page=[ 7] |year=1951 |publisher=Blackie & Son, Ltd. |location=London and Glasgow}}</ref>