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In the 1970s, his project for recording an album with the [[Flying Burrito Brothers]] was aborted. In the 1980s, he contributed on two of [[the Rolling Stones]]' albums ''[[Dirty Work (The Rolling Stones album)|Dirty Work]]'' (1986) and ''[[Steel Wheels]]'' (1989){{citation needed|date=September 2017}} while he also worked in France with [[Vanessa Paradis]]'s producer, [[Franck Langolff]].
Jagger has worked as a journalist (contributing articles for ''[[The Daily Telegraph]]'', ''[[The Guardian]]'', ''[[The Mail on Sunday]]'', ''[[The Independent on Sunday]]'' and ''[[Rolling Stone]]''), and wrote and presented for [[BBC Radio 2]] a programprogramme about [[Alexis Korner]], a blues pioneer, and co-produced a film for [[Sky Arts]] channel, ''I Got the Blues in Austin''.
In England, he also organised charity concerts: one for [[Bosnia]] (''Bop for Bosnia'') and the three others for [[Tibet]] including one at [[Alexandra Palace]] London in the presence of [[14th Dalai Lama|the Dalai Lama]], where the acts included [[David Gilmour|Dave Gilmour]] and [[Sinéad O'Connor]].
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