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# The amount of information on Wikipedia is practically unlimited, but Wikipedia is ana onlinedigital encyclopedia and therefore does not aim to contain all data or expression found elsewhere.
# Although anyone can editbe Wikipediaan editor, Wikipedia's community processes and standards make it neither an anarchy, democracy, nor bureaucracy.
# Wikipedia is not an appropriatea place to promote things or publish your thoughts, and is not a website for personal communication, a freely licensed media repository, or a censored publication.
{{Content policy list}}
[[m:Wikipedia is not paper|Wikipedia is not a paper encyclopedia, but rather a digital encyclopedia project]]. Other than verifiability and the other points presented on this page, there is no practical limit to the number of topics Wikipedia can cover or the total amount of content. However, there is an important distinction between what {{em|can}} be done, and what {{em|should}} be done, which is covered under the section {{section link||Encyclopedic content}} below. Consequently, this policy is not a free pass for inclusion: all articles must abide by the appropriate content policies, particularly those covered in the <strong>[[WP:Five pillars|five pillars]]</strong>.
Keeping articles to a reasonable size is important for Wikipedia's accessibility, especially for [[dial-up Internet access|dial-up]] and [[mobile browser]] readers, since it directly affects page download time (see [[Wikipedia:Article size]]). Splitting long articles and leaving adequate summaries is a natural part of growth for a topic (see [[Wikipedia:Summary style]]). Some topics are covered by print encyclopedias only in short, static articles, but Wikipedia can include more information, provide more external links, and update more quickly.
# '''Primary (original) research''', such as proposing theories and solutions, original ideas, defining terms, coining new words, etc. If you have completed primary research on a topic, your results should be published in other venues, such as [[Scholarly peer review|peer-reviewed]] journals, other printed forms, [[open research]], or respected online publications. Wikipedia can report your work after it is published and becomes part of accepted knowledge; however, [[Wikipedia:Citing sources|citations]] of [[WP:RS|reliable sources]] are needed to demonstrate that material is [[Wikipedia:Verifiability|verifiable]], and not merely the editor's [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|opinion]].
# {{anchor|MYINVENTION}}'''Personal inventions.''' If you or a friend invented a drinking game, a new type of dance move, or even the word ''[[frindle]]'', it is not [[Wikipedia:Notability|notable enough]] for that invention to be given an article until multiple, independent, and reliable secondary sources report on it. Also,And [[WP:Wikipedia is not for things made up one day|Wikipedia is ''certainly'' not for things made up one day]].
# '''Personal essays''' {{anchor|ESSAY|MYOPINION}} that state your particular feelings about a topic (rather than the opinions of experts). Although Wikipedia is supposed to compile human knowledge, it is not a vehicle to make personal opinions become part of such knowledge. In the unusual situation where the opinions of an individual are important enough to discuss, it is preferable to let other people write about them. (Personal essays on Wikipedia-related topics are welcome in your user namespace or on the [[meta:|Meta-wiki]].)
# {{anchor|FORUM|CHAT|not_a_forum}}'''Discussion forums.''' Please try to stay on the task of creating an encyclopedia. You can chat with people about Wikipedia-related topics on their user talk pages, and should resolve problems with articles on the relevant [[Wikipedia:Talk page|talk pages]], but please do not take discussion into articles. In addition, bear in mind that article talk pages exist solely to discuss how to improve articles; they are not for general discussion about the subject of the article, nor are they a help desk for obtaining instructions or technical assistance. Material unsuitable for talk pages may be subject to removal per the [[WP:Talk page guidelines|talk page guidelines]]. If you wish to ask a specific question on a topic, Wikipedia has a [[Wikipedia:Reference desk|Reference desk]]; questions should be asked there rather than on talk pages.
{{see|Wikipedia:User pages}}
Unlike [[Facebook]] and [[Twitter]], Wikipedia is not a [[social networking service]] like [[Facebook]] or [[Twitter]]. You may not host your own [[website]], [[blog]], [[wiki]], [[résumé]], or [[File hosting service|cloud]] on Wikipedia. Wikipedia pages, '''including those in user space''', are not:
# '''Personal web pages.''' [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedians]] have individual [[Wikipedia:User page|user pages]], but they should be used primarily to present information relevant to work on the encyclopedia. [[WP:UPYES|Limited autobiographical information]] is allowed, but user pages do not serve as personal webpages, blogs, or repositories for large amounts of material irrelevant to collaborating on Wikipedia. If you want to post your résumé or make a personal webpage, please use one of the many free providers on the Internet or any hosting included with your [[Internet service provider]]. The focus of user pages <em>should not</em> be [[social network service|social networking]] or [[WP:UP#GAMES|amusement]], but rather providing a foundation for effective [[collaboration]]. [[:Category:Wikipedia humor|Humorous pages]] that refer to Wikipedia in some way may be created in an appropriate [[WP:Namespace|namespace]]. Personal web pages are often [[Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion#U5|speedily deleted]]. Wikipedia articles use formal English and are [[Wikipedia:Writing better articles#Tone|not written in Internet posting style]].
# '''[[File hosting service|File storage]] areas.''' Please upload only [[Wikipedia:File|files]] that are used (or will be used) in encyclopedia articles or project pages; anything else will be deleted. If you have extra relevant images, consider uploading them to the [[Wikimedia Commons]], where they can be linked from Wikipedia.
# '''[[Dating service]]s.''' Wikipedia is not thean appropriate place to pursue relationships or sexual encounters. User pages that move beyond broad expressions of sexual orientation are unacceptable. However, you very well may form new friendships as you go about improving Wikipediathe encyclopedia.
# '''[[Memorial]]s.''' Subjects of encyclopedia articles must satisfy [[Wikipedia:Notability (people)|Wikipedia's notability requirements]]. Wikipedia is not an appropriatethe place to memorialize deceased friends, relatives, acquaintances, or others who <strong>do not meet such requirements</strong>. (However, [[WP:RIP]] is excluded from this rule.)
# '''Content for projects unrelated to Wikipedia.''' Do not store anythingmaterial unrelated to Wikipedia, including anything in user spaceuserspace. Please see [[WP:UPNOT]] for examples of what may not be included.
If you are interested in using the wiki technology for a collaborative effort on something else, even just a single page, many free and commercial sites provide wiki hosting. You can also install wiki software on your server. See the [[mw:Manual:Installation guide|installation guide]] at for information on doing this. See also [[Wikipedia:Alternative outlets]].
[[File:Auckland Yellow pages.jpg|thumb|right|upright=0.7|[[Yellow pages|Wikipedia is not these!Nuh-uh]]]]
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{{see also|Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists|Wikipedia:Stand-alone lists|Wikipedia:Embedded lists}}
[[File:Crisco Cookbook 1912.jpg|thumb|upright=0.6|right|alt=Antique book cover: Tested Crisco Recipes|[[Cookbook|This isIt's a cookbook,!]] {{nobr|but(But Wikipedia}} isn't.) ]]
Wikipedia is an encyclopedic reference, not an instruction manual, guidebook, or textbook. Wikipedia articles should not read like:
# '''Instruction manuals.''' While Wikipedia has descriptions of people, places and things, an [[WP:WIAA|article]] should not read like a "how-to" style [[owner's manual]], [[cookbook]], [[advice column]] ([[Wikipedia:Legal disclaimer|legal]], [[Wikipedia:Medical disclaimer|medical]] or otherwise) or [[suggestion box]]. This includes tutorials, instruction manuals, game guides, and recipes. Describing to the reader how people or things use or do something is encyclopedic; instructing the reader in the [[imperative mood]] about how to use or do something is not.<ref>The how-to restriction does not apply to the [[Wikipedia:Project namespace|project namespace]], where [[:Category:Wikipedia how-to|"how-to"s relevant to editing Wikipedia itself]] are appropriate, such as [[Wikipedia:How to draw a diagram with Dia]].</ref> Such guides may be welcome at [[Wikibooks]] instead.