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[ "Physician Spotlight: Dr. Basil Boulton"], Basil Boulton, Pediagogue, Issue 7, Winter 2007, p. 11-12.</ref>
[[File:CanadianMuseumofFlightLogo.png|thumb|Logo of the Canadian Museum of Flight, which depicts a floatplane similar to "Big Red"]]
CF-CCW ("Big Red"), the [[Waco Custom Cabin series|Waco AQC-6]] [[biplane]] that Pickup piloted for 27 years, was donated to the [[Canadian Museum of Flight]] in [[Langley, British Columbia (district municipality)|Langley]] in 1980 and is now on display there. The plane underwent decades of refurbishments and repairs before being deemed flight-worthy again after a successful test flight on 13 February 2002.<ref name="Waco">{{cite web |title=Waco AQC-6 |url= | |publisher=Canadian Museum of Flight |accessdate=22 May 2020}}</ref> The plane was flown many times in demonstrations throughout the 2000s before undergoing repairs in 2013 and relaunching in 2019.<ref name="Uytdewilligen">{{cite news |last1=Uytdewilligen |first1=Ryan |title=“Big Red” flies for fathers this Sunday |url= |accessdate=22 May 2020 |agency=Aldergrove Star}}</ref> A similar red biplane is also depicted in the museum's official logo.