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[[Ringo Starr]] mentions "the 2i's Cafe" – "That's where Tommy Steele would play" – in the song "Rory and the Hurricanes" on his 2015 album [[Postcards from Paradise]].
[[Michael Peppiatt]] mentions the café in his memoir of Francis Bacon : "As a teenager I'd gone on a rite of passage to the 2i's café to listen to skiffle groups, sipping frothy coffee out of transparent cups and hanging around in the hope of spotting Tommy Steele."<ref>{{Cite book|last=Peppiatt, Michael,|first=|url=|title=Francis Bacon in your blood : a memoir|publisher=|year=|isbn=1-63286-344-8|edition=First U.S. edition|location=New York|pages=4|oclc=899332393}}</ref>
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