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In 1968, he became the father of an illegitimate daughter, Petra. The mother died in 1988 and the daughter in November 2003, both by suicide.
Heino met his third wife, [[Hannelore Auer|Hannelore Auersperg]], in 1972 at the Miss Austria contest in Kitzbühel. They were married in April 1979, and she became his manager. The couple lives in Bad Münstereifel. In 2004, Hannelore suffered a heart attack, which was one reason Heino curtailed his career.
Heino has noticeable [[exophthalmos]] due to [[Graves' disease]].<ref>{{cite web|url=http://einestages.spiegel.de/external/ShowAuthorAlbumBackground/a1291/l0/l0.html?sp=a1291&sp=l0&sp=l0#featuredEntry |title=Die hässlichsten Albumcover - Gruselkabinett im Plattenschrank - SPIEGEL ONLINE |publisher=Einestages.spiegel.de |date= |accessdate=2013-08-15}}</ref> For this reason, he always wears very dark glasses in public, which have become part of his trademark appearance. In a 2014 German newspaper story Heino was quoted as saying that he feels "naked" without them and that he had put in his will that he was to be buried with them on.<ref>http://www.t-online.de/unterhaltung/stars/id_70289534/heinos-letzter-wille-tod-mit-brille-.html</ref> Due to his light hair and skin, some initially believed he wore the glasses due to [[albinism]].