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In February 2013, Heino released a new album, called "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" (''Yours sincerely''), which topped the German album charts. It was the first Number-one-album for him in Germany. The record is a collection of cover versions of popular German songs from [[Die Ärzte]], [[Peter Fox (musician)|Peter Fox]], [[Rammstein]] and others. It is as such a Pop-Rock/Metal-record instead of Heino's typical Schlager and Volksmusik style. The album earned Gold for being sold over 100,000 times.
In December 2014, Heino released a new album, "Schwarz blüht der Enzian" (''Black blooms the [[Gentiana|Gentian]] blooms black''), referring to one of his greatest hits "Blau blüht der Enzian" (''GentianBlue bloomsBlooms bluethe Gentian'') and to the Rock-/Metal style of the record in which some of his own songs and traditional German [[Volksmusik]] are covered.
In November 2016, Heino announced the release of his new Christmas album, "Mit weihnachtlichen Grüßen" (''With Christmas greetings''), which includes a duet with fellow singer Sarah Jane Scott.<ref>{{cite web|author= |url=http://www.heino.de/index.php/aktuelles/96-mit-weihnachtlichen-gruessen.html |title=Mit weihnachtlichen Grüßen |publisher=Heino.de |date= |accessdate=2016-11-17}}</ref>