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His stage name comes from his sister Hannelore's difficulty pronouncing his given name "Heinz Georg".<ref name="Official Web Site" />
In 1961, he first appeared in the trio OK Singers. Heino achieved fame in the mid-1960s and has charted numerous times since then in the German Music Charts. He also appeared regularly in German television shows such as ''[[ZDF-Hitparade]]'', ''[[Musikantenstadl]]'' and ''[[ZDF-Fernsehgarten]]''. Most of his recordings were pop versions of traditional folk songs; for example, in "BlueBlau Bloomsblüht theder GentianEnzian" ('' "BlauBlue blühtBlooms derthe EnzianGentian"''), one of his signature songs and an adaptation of the folk song "TheDas Swiss MaidenSchweizermädel" (''"DasThe SchweizermaedelSwiss Maiden"'').
In February 2013, Heino released a new album, called "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" (''Yours sincerely''), which topped the German album charts. It was the first Number-one-album for him in Germany. The record is a collection of cover versions of popular German songs from [[Die Ärzte]], [[Peter Fox (musician)|Peter Fox]], [[Rammstein]] and others. It is as such a Pop-Rock/Metal-record instead of Heino's typical Schlager and Volksmusik style. The album earned Gold for being sold over 100,000 times.
In December 2014, Heino released a new album, "Schwarz blüht der Enzian" (''[[Gentiana|Gentian]] blooms black''), referring to one of his greatest hits "Blau blüht der Enzian" (''Gentian blooms blue'') and to the Rock-/Metal style of the record in which some of his own songs and traditional German [[Volksmusik]] are covered.