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→‎Second Italo-Libyan War (1923–1932): Cut unnecessary intensifier.
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(→‎Second Italo-Libyan War (1923–1932): Cut unnecessary intensifier.)
Later [[Idris of Libya|King Idris]] and his [[Senussi]] tribe in the provinces of [[Cyrenaica]] and [[Tripolitania]] started to become opposed to the Italian colonization after 1929, when Italy changed its political promises of moderate "protectorate" to the Senussi (done in 1911) and—because of [[Benito Mussolini]]—started to take complete colonial control of Libya.
Resistance was totally crushed by General [[Rodolfo Graziani]] in the 1930s and the country was again controlled by the Italians with the help of Arab fascists, to the point that many Libyan colonial troops fought on the side of Italy between 1940 and 1943: two divisions of Libyan colonial troops were created in the late 1930s and 30,000 native Libyans fought for Italy during [[World War II]].
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