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He was also in ''[[Death at Broadcasting House]]'' (1934), ''[[Lorna Doone (1934 film)|Lorna Doone]]'' (1934) and ''[[Peg of Old Drury]]'' (1935).
Stage roles included ''[[While Parents Sleep (play)|While Parents Sleep]]'' (1932) by [[Anthony Kimmins]]'', ''Iron Mistress'' (1934) by Arthur Macrae; then an open air Shakespeare festival – ''As You Like It'' (1934) (with [[Anna Neagle]]), ''Twelfth Night'' (1934), ''Comedy of Errors'' (1934). Some of these productions were done on radio. ''The Maitlands'' by Ronald Mackenzie (1934) was for [[John Gielgud]]'s company. He was Horatio to Gielgud's ''Hamlet'' (1934). He also appeared in ''Accidentally Yours'' by Clifford Grey (1935), ''The World Waits'' by Clifford Hummel (1935), ''Coincidence'' by Bryce Robertson (1935) and ''The Frog'' (1935).
Films in the late 1930s included ''[[Beauty and the Barge (1937 film)|Beauty and the Barge]]'' (1937), ''[[The Frog]]'' (1937) (which Hawkins played on stage), ''[[Who Goes Next?]]'' (1938), ''[[A Royal Divorce (1938 film)|A Royal Divorce]]'' (1938), ''[[Murder Will Out (1939 film)|Murder Will Out]]'' (1939) and ''[[The Flying Squad (1940 film)|The Flying Squad]]'' (1940).