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The arsenatesarsenate areis derived from [[arsenic acid]], H<sub>3</sub>AsO<sub>4</sub>. This moderately strong acid converts to '''dihydrogen arsenate''' ({{chem|H|2|AsO|4|−}}), '''hydrogen arsenate''' ({{chem|HAsO|4|2−}}), and arsenate ({{chem|AsO|4|3−}}), depending on pH. The quantitative relationship between these species is defined by the acid dissociation constants:
:H<sub>3</sub>AsO<sub>4</sub> + H<sub>2</sub>O {{eqm}} H<sub>2</sub>AsO{{su|b=4|p=−}} + H<sub>3</sub>O<sup>+</sup> (''K''<sub>1</sub> = 10<sup>−2.19</sup>)
:H<sub>2</sub>AsO{{su|b=4|p=−}} + H<sub>2</sub>O {{eqm}} HAsO{{su|b=4|p=2−}} + H<sub>3</sub>O<sup>+</sup> (''K''<sub>2</sub> = 10<sup>−6.94</sup>)
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