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Today, the logo has earned the New York state $30 million each year and has become a pop culture icon and has been reproduced on T-shirts and hats, and can be seen everywhere in New York.<ref name=":0" /> Imitations have been made, for example "I Heart Radio." The state has been filling nearly 3,000 objections against them.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=List of Cease and Desist Letters Regarding the I ♥ NY® logo |website= |accessdate=16 August 2018}}</ref>
After the [[September 11 attacks|September 11 Terrorist attacks]], the logo has become even more of a symbol, creating unity between the public. Glaser had even designed a modified version saying, "I Love New York More than Ever,", in response to the attacks. The red Heart had a small blackened and burned area along one edge to symbolize the attack on the [[World Trade Center site]].
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